Research innovation

Quality control

  Through real-time video monitoring of on-site quality supervision and management, it can realize all-weather and all-directional remote supervision and management of on-site engineering construction, make statistics, analysis, processing and induction of quality data, timely discover the weak links in engineering quality supervision, so that the quality and safety of petrochemical project construction are in a dynamic digital monitoring state, and improve the level of engineering quality supervision and management.

Performance Pledge


Collect, process and analyze data across time and space.

Performance Pledge


Effective analysis of unstructured data, such as unsafe behavior analysis and early warning, intelligent attendance, intelligent employee positioning, etc.

Performance Pledge


Risk control, the application of big data technology, relying on historical data, advanced analysis of various quality, management, safety and other issues.

Engineering construction Management

The project construction management scheme is suitable for engineering construction, and the system includes large hoisting evaluation system, operation ticket system, progress evaluation management, intelligent work, etc.


It can solve all kinds of problems in the construction process

For example, crane selection, lug check, lock check, foundation treatment, progress assessment management, personnel access management, personnel positioning, ticket management, cross-regional operation early warning, high-risk operation management, etc.

Whole process of supervision

  Through the organic integration of platform and Internet technology, the company uses the core capabilities of digital transformation to enter the new blue sea of industry management data-based services, and builds and gradually builds a collaborative platform, that is, mutual "value amplifier". The final construction of an enterprise symbiotic network linking upstream and downstream partners, related industrial partners, capital, customer portfolio.

Products and Services

Unified standards, standardize the quality of behavior and work, and overcome the differences in personnel, experience, skills and other possible business risks.

Job Training

Through the online job guidance function, complete the on-the-job, online, real-time, real scene, practical operation training, with the help of the system to improve the professional and technical ability of each post.

Supervision and assessment

Technology and capability, process and result, efficiency and benefit, service and quality, customer and experience and so on.

Promotion of Management

The formation and capability of digital management methodology, the practical success of the company's digital strategy and productivity transformation.

Knowledge sharing management

  Cloud knowledge sharing can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, contribute to their sustainable development, and establish their long-term knowledge vision. Knowledge Q&A and technical discussion can enhance knowledge exchange and interaction among employees and create a good atmosphere for learning and improvement.

Knowledge sharing management

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