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Jiangbei New District Federation of Trade Unions and Dachang Street Federation of Trade Unions to inspect and guide the company's trade union work

Recently, the full-time vice president of the Jiangbei New District Federation of Trade Unions, Xu Jiangping and his delegation of four people and the Dachang Subdistrict Federation of Trade Unions, Chairman Guo Zhidong and his delegation of three people visited the company to inspect and guide the work of the trade union. Zhang Jiandong, Party Secretary and chairman of the company, and Zuo Yuangru, chairman and vice general manager of the company accompanied the inspection.
11/09 2022

The site set off a construction boom

In the golden construction season at the end of the year, under the unified deployment and guidance of the owners of the Yangtze, the Yangtze Engineering Company and the parties involved in the construction have performed their respective duties, which has set off a boom of big work, quick work and solid work on the project construction site.
11/04 2022

We will strictly observe the red line of security and strengthen system building

Recently, the company held the 2022 QHSE management system internal audit final meeting and the fourth quarter QHSE meeting, the company's leadership, heads of departments, internal audit team members, project leaders and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.
10/27 2022

The mentor leads the disciples. Hand in hand

Teachers, so preach and teach to solve doubts! As a tradition of the company for many years, the YPEC spirit is passed on to the new generation in the "mentoring". Let's listen to the voice of the "apprentices" together!
10/24 2022

Quality helps develop strength and build brand

September 2022 is the 45th "Quality Month" in China. The company actively responds to the call of Sinopec Group Company and Yangzi Company, closely centering on the theme of "Promoting quality reform and innovation, promoting the construction of a quality power", carefully organizes and carries out a series of "Quality Month" activities, and welcomes the victory of the 20th Party Congress with the actual results of quality management.
09/30 2022

Another "tall tower" is going up!

Recently, the 700,000 tons/year gas distribution unit propylene tower (C-103 lower section) of the Yangtze Oil Refining Structure Adjustment Project was successfully lifted. The successful completion of the work marked that all eight production units of the project have entered the above-ground construction stage, laying a solid foundation for the next step process pipeline installation.
09/20 2022
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